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The usual translation of the title is "The Gods are athirst". This masterpiece of French literature, written by Anatole France describes life in Paris under the Terror during the French Revolution.

Photo left-

Maximilien de Robespierre (1758-1794)

Architect of the Terror described in this book

Index of study notes on Les Dieux ont Soif

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1) Detailed summary of “Les Dieux ont Soif” along with commentary

2) The historical background to the novel

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The following are a few introductory comments on the author and the book:

Anatole France (1844- 1924) wrote his novel "Les Dieux ont Soif" in 1912. It is a masterpiece by virtue of the skill with which the writer intertwines his account of the lives of his characters with the historical events of the period of terror during the French revolution.
The story covers the period from April 1793 until August 1794 and the young man, Evariste Gamelin, who is one of the central characters of the book is a follower of and a reflection of Maximilien de Robespierre who was the dominant political figure during these months when it seemed that the Gods had an endless thirst for human blood.

The picture shows the members of the Girondist party on the way to execution.


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